Monday, December 2, 2013


Imagine that we’re free of all judgments about this world and the people in it, that's when you can begin to understand Oneness.  There’s no anger toward anyone or anything because everyone and everything is Spirit. This Spirit is God, our Source of being. We discover the meaning of life by being able to return to the Oneness while still in material form on earth. The closer we get to experiencing our original nature, the more peace and purpose flows through us like water... we are each a single wave, but that doesn't make us a separate ocean, 
we spin in this earth, an unstoppable motion
(1,038 miles per hour)!!!!
It is time to break down your barrier wall,
join the spinning axle of our blue and green baseball.

The earth continues to dance and spin and has never yet come close to a fall
outer space is our worlds never ending dance hall.

So why do we find it so hard to live as One, and Love all?
Lets all join in this glamourous glitzy ball! ~BC

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