Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Craft #1: Burlap, buttons and paper... with a leaf, oh my!
Craft #2: All-natural crafts are my favorite. I had to repurpose these beautiful fall colored leaves before they withered away.
All you need is:
~2 acorn tops for the eyes
~1 small pine cone half for the head
~1 larger pinecone for the turkey body
~pluck off 5 little pieces from the cone...
2 for the beak
1 for the red wattle (hanging thing off neck)
2 for the shoes!!
and last but not least, a handful of beautifully assorted leaves for the feathers!!
Our costumes from today.

Friday, November 22, 2013


There is a Divine spark within each of us.
The light within me recognizes the light within you.
Enjoying this starry moonlit night,
little guides became my flashlight.

Monday, November 18, 2013

MORE reason to LOVE Seattle

Seattle is building the Nation’s First Food Forest!!

Forget meadows. Seattle's food forest will be filled with edible plants, and everything from pears to herbs will be free for the taking.
Seattle’s vision of an urban food oasis is going forward. A seven-acre plot of land in the city’s Beacon Hill neighborhood will be planted with hundreds of different kinds of edibles: walnut and chestnut trees; blueberry and raspberry bushes; fruit trees, including apples and pears; exotics like pineapple, yuzu citrus, guava, persimmons, honeyberries, and lingonberries; herbs; and more. All will be available for public plucking to anyone who wanders into the city’s first food forest.
Nobody should ever go hungry.

The concept of a food forest certainly pushes the envelope on urban agriculture and is grounded in the concept of permaculture, which means it will be perennial and self-sustaining, like a forest is in the wild. Not only is this forest Seattle’s first large-scale permaculture project, but it’s also believed to be the first of its kind in the nation.
“The concept means we consider the soils, companion plants, insects, bugs—everything will be mutually beneficial to each other,” says Harrison.
So just who gets to harvest all that low-hanging fruit when the time comes?
“Anyone and everyone,” says Harrison. “There was major discussion about it. People worried, ‘What if someone comes and takes all the blueberries?’ That could very well happen, but maybe someone needed those blueberries. We look at it this way—if we have none at the end of blueberry season, then it means we’re successful.”
In my eyes, every city should do this. Not only do the people in need benefit... but the ecosystem as well.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

California Fall

Cali doesn't usually feel like the Fall I grew up with in Illinois...

But this year, we had the leafiest yard in all the neighborhood blocks.
Surrounded with beautiful rainbow colors of shedding leaf frocks.

We were feeling uncontrollably blessed,
thankful our tree decided to get undressed.

The big generous tree opened natures magical treasure chest,
leaving Mya and me to enjoy a "jumping in the leaves fest."

Monday, November 11, 2013

Remember to celebrate your Unbirthday

Starting at birth, we are programmed to believe to be special on our birthday's. 
But what about the other 364 days? 
These are the days that we should praise.
Without them, you wouldn't make it to your next birthday.
Every day is an un-birthday gift,
 the "present" moment.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Feature Friday!!

While walking along my favorite path,
I met a creature in desperate need of a bath!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A few BBBS events...

We danced, crafted, met some new friends and had a spa treatment (manicure), all in one day.
What fun we had:-) Wish there was a Diva Day every month!

Fox Studios was kind enough to let us come over for the Screening of Epic. Entertainment, food and movie was outside on the lawn. Lovely time:-)
Cant go wrong with the BBBS holiday bowling party.
Rio 2 Screening,
followed by some bird mask crafting.
(Wurstkuche) the best!!
 Painted rocks,
tested out a few food trucks,
then took a sewing lesson.
Thanks Kidspace Children's Museum for the FREE, fun day!
So much gratitude for the Los Angeles Film School, they taught us all about animation. It was Amazing!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mya's Path

 Oct 2012
 May 2013
Nov 2013

Being a part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters non-profit organization has changed my life~ 
Mya is my best friend who loves to spend time with me in Nature.
Seeing her blossom, learn and mature,
has been my life's most purposeful tour.
Children should never leave the path of being pure.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Featured Creature!!

While sitting at this French cafe~
 I was surrounded by little squirts, all wearing yellow and black striped shirts.
Each leaving gifts of sweet pollen and nectar deserts!

Such gratitude.

Thought today would be the perfect time to release the Bee's from my Children's book.
After all, it is the 1st of "Thankful Month!"

Bee's do so much for us, and they are fading away~
Not only do they feed us the sweetest treat of honey, but they are the workers behind a large portion of our food supply-  Below, is what the grocery store looks like with/without them.

Nearly one-third of the world's crops are dependent on Honeybees for pollination.

There is a major decline in these magical creatures.
Pesticides, desease, parasites and poor weather has taken over the Bee's population.

There is good news!!
We can make a change by planting things that Bee's like (without pesticides).

Bee-yummy plants: Clover, sage, salvia, oregano, lavender, ironweed, yarrow, yellow hyssop, alfalfa, honeywort, drangonhead, bee balm, buttercup, goldenrod and English thyme.

Lets give these Bee's something back,
by planting them a yummy snack!