Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kissed by an Angel.

Along my traveling journey, I attended a writing workshop with Hayhouse, and met the one and only~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

How may I serve are my new set of words~ BC

I have been a "Big Sister" in the youth mentoring organization "Big Brothers Big Sisters", of Los Angeles for the past year. She has truly changed my days in so many ways. Shifting my inner awareness to helping her has put me in a position to write a Children's Book. A book that I have held in for many years. She brought out the burning desire by adding fuel to my fire and taking my focus off of superficial attire. A pure place in a radio flyer.
I am rewired.

"If you shield the mountain from the windstorms, you will never see the beauty of the carvings."~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Traveling non-stop the last couple of months, it feels good to say I'll be home in LA!! On our final march home, we stopped by this arch. (Utah=LOVE)