Friday, November 1, 2013

Featured Creature!!

While sitting at this French cafe~
 I was surrounded by little squirts, all wearing yellow and black striped shirts.
Each leaving gifts of sweet pollen and nectar deserts!

Such gratitude.

Thought today would be the perfect time to release the Bee's from my Children's book.
After all, it is the 1st of "Thankful Month!"

Bee's do so much for us, and they are fading away~
Not only do they feed us the sweetest treat of honey, but they are the workers behind a large portion of our food supply-  Below, is what the grocery store looks like with/without them.

Nearly one-third of the world's crops are dependent on Honeybees for pollination.

There is a major decline in these magical creatures.
Pesticides, desease, parasites and poor weather has taken over the Bee's population.

There is good news!!
We can make a change by planting things that Bee's like (without pesticides).

Bee-yummy plants: Clover, sage, salvia, oregano, lavender, ironweed, yarrow, yellow hyssop, alfalfa, honeywort, drangonhead, bee balm, buttercup, goldenrod and English thyme.

Lets give these Bee's something back,
by planting them a yummy snack!

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