Monday, December 2, 2013

As you can see, we are the flowers and the trees... we are made up of all of these.

We are very much like a tree, we even change our color of clothes like a tree does with Leaves.

Connected and grounded to our oneness of Roots
not a day goes by without touching Mother Earth with our boots

We create many beautiful flowers and Fruits
 Love, Art and Children are just a few things we produce

With our wondrous breath of Breeze,
we create songs and laughter to please

Showered with our Raining tears
it adds rings of wiser years

Letting go of the earlier Storm fears,
growing at least two flights of stairs

Like the Trees, we have to experience a Forest fire, 
by doing this we build up new fireproof bark attire 

See it as a blessing that we didn't grow much higher,
if you were to stay there, you would hit the Electric wire. ~BC

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