Monday, July 27, 2015

Counting Sheep

This pregnancy diet is not easy for me. Constantly hungry, but not able to eat my regular portions. I'm nibbling all day long. This is an example of one of my 12 plates throughout the day that I can handle without feeling like I'm going to burst:
~1 measly clementine
~5 strands of cheetos, (Trader Joe's Baked cheese crunchies) so that makes it healthier, right?
~2 spoonfuls of cottage cheese
~2 grapes
~8 kidney beans
~1/2 an avocado 
Grazing among the avocado hills, 
are two sheep dressed up in cottage cheese frills.

While standing on their hearty limbs of kidney beans,
the clementine sun with cheetos rays light up the scene.

Having my #1 pregnancy craving of red grapes as a head,
I'm looking forward to counting these before I go to bed.

1, 2..... zzzz

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