Thursday, July 23, 2015

21 weeks- the third eye is open

While outside catching some rays and sketching new character development concepts... I look down at my once before innie belly button and couldn't resist doodling on it. The heat must be getting to me, it's time to go inside I thought... or maybe there is meaning to this random doodle of an eye?

When I doodle, I let go... I sort of leave my body, if that makes sense?
In other words, it is never thought out. I let the pen move on its own, if you will.
Detached from the outcome, and letting my consciousness take the wheel.

I would have to say that within the last few weeks, my third eye has opened far wider than ever before. Perhaps it is because of the broadening space of consciousness, the inner world that I'm carrying. A little universe in my belly, its own unique planet, star, moon or sun.

I am feeling intensely connected to the high spirit who supports and fosters this embryo.
I feel like a different person.
My body now has 2 hearts.
Maybe it's because I know that the world within me is extremely sensitive to my thoughts and emotions. Every thought and feeling influences him.
Who knows the answer....
After all, transitioning from Maiden to Mother is immense!

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