Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Howdy everyone! It has been a while since I've connected on here. I have been receiving lots of messages from my Sticks and Stripes followers, and apologize for the delay in words.
A few transitions are happening in my life at the moment. After a long 6 month book tour on the road, we have recently relocated from Los Angeles and are now growing our roots in Nashville, TN.
I'm so grateful for this moment of stillness, and love the fact that we now live in the country, rather than the city of concrete. It truly feels like Naturehood here with a yard full of trees, greenery and an enchanted forest all over town. There will be plenty of Log Chillin' going on:-)
As you can see, the trees were a major selling point in getting our new bungalow;-)
(Mya's Favorte spot in the backyard... reminds her of the Secret Garden)
...Though all these new blessings,  I am saddened by a farewell to one of my favorite friends...
...and will miss the sun. LA, you sure have been a comfy home these last 8 years. 
But off I go into the great unknown!

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