Sunday, March 1, 2015

Your future lies beneath your hat

Age 18 and the Present Moment.
 Right-sized: A new term a dear friend taught me the other day during a tea party. In other words, being in the right mind size. Not seeing yourself too tall or too short. Automatically, of course my mind took me along Alice in Wonderland's winding path. Her "Drink me" concoctions she carried throughout the adventure... could that have been a metaphor to Lewis Carroll's amazing story?
My whole life, finding the right sized hat has been challenging.
Going through some old pictures this eve, I realized how many lives I seemed to have lived up to this point, wearing hats that didn't quite fit.
My beliefs, spirituality and oneness with God has given me a true purpose. In my teens, material and ego ruled me, and in some ways made me too tall. My hat was so snug that it caused a life full of headaches... My early 20's, I was too short, with a hat so big it covered my face, blinding me from seeing my true dharma. I can honestly say that at this moment, today,  I have found peace through it all, and hope to keep upgrading to a new hat as time goes on, making sure the hat fits.

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