Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The hills have eyes.

Forgot I had these pics in my camera~ This is from a trip through Utah that we did a couple of months back. I couldn't stop seeing different creatures in the rock formations.

It's obvious that the White Witch from Narnia has made a passing through Utah. 
She turned nearly every critter into stone. I was amazed by this magical place.
Wanted to share its beauty. 
 1.) The luck dragon 2.) Buddha 
3.) Snail 4.) Turtle
 5.) Three wise men 
6.) An old Native American
7.) Fat man's profile 
8.)  Rock Kingdom
9.) Bryce Canyon National Park 
10.) God's way of showing us that love is everywhere
11.) Two doves camping
12.) Loved this guy... running for his dear life.

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