Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Little and I had a Beach Day Shellabration!

It's funny how LA-ified I have become.  Living only 20 miles from the beach you would think I'd be over there every weekend. 
well.... not true. 
Only have been there twice this year.

As much as I love my daily Nature walk in the mountains, something is drawing me to the breathing ocean.

Mya has only been to the beach a handful of times, and she's been living in LA for the past 10 years.
People around here get too busy to enjoy what everyone else around the world longs for.  
I'm guilty of this, but the first step is acknowledgment. 

Mya and I had a blaster!
We made some Shell Trees, adding them to our lovely landscaped sandy yard. 
Then we built a little sand bungalow topped with shell shingles-

Played a bit of dress-up with sand....

Ended our day with an "I am" (moses code) meditation.

The Perfect Sunday Funday!

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