Monday, December 23, 2013

Hassan and Mya's Holiday Party

Christmas is such a magical time of year for children. Hassan and Mya have really become a part of our family. Their father does all he can to keep a roof over head with food on the table. He supports them with his gardening wages, a very physically intensive 6-days a week gig.
With their mother in a comma from a car accident 8 years ago, being a single dad is strenuous.
We do whatever we can to take the energy these two kiddos let off.
 So we called Santa a couple of days early... as we have a few more gatherings to attend, we wanted to celebrate with them first. 
We had them over for cookies and cream,
in exchange of some smiles that beam.

A simple little tree and a little gleam,
added to thier Christmas dream.

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