Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Secret Garden

When asked, "Is there a story from the pass that resembles your own book?" I would have to say that The Secret Garden (By: Frances Hodgson Burnett) is the closest it gets to my story. Although it's a completely different plot, the underlining message is not off by a long shot.

The importance of Nature is strongly urged in The Secret Garden, and it is in my story as well.

For those of you who may have forgotten The Secret Garden's storyline, here's a quick briefing:
There was a child within the story who believed he couldn't walk.
Engrossed in negative thoughts, and had never been outside. His father fed him fearful lies by saying he was soon to die.
Then his newly orphaned cousin moves in and shows this saddened boy the light of life.... in other words, the great outdoors
As a result, he was taking countless strides and no longer wanting to hide inside.

As the little girl took him to this beautiful Garden, his soul started to lift high, and eventually he lifted up with his spirit by walking for the first time. 

Was he ever ill, or did he suddenly heal? 

Perhaps illness is healed in Nature's stillness.

We so often overlook what is within Nature and the gifts it bares. Not only does Nature heal, but is also provides meals with beauty that is truly surreal. 

Lets lay off the life that is full of plastic, medal and steel while zooming around in automobiles. 
Park your car on the side of the street, get on your feet, and enjoy Nature's beautiful retreat.

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