About Us

Brit Cardarelli, Creative Director
Take a stroll with us through the grass with a light dew of dawn at your feel and listening to birds singing of far-away lands.
With a smile you imagine life as a delightful secret, something that morals forgot a long time ago.
Swinging under the clouds that are fast asleep,
your heart is bright and shining.
Optimism cascading down from every page and straight into your heart.
A fragrant satchel of magic made just for you.
A luminous imagery that stays long after the story stopped.
Breathe in Nature and exhale with wonder for all of these magnificent creations.
Brit Cardarelli paints worlds and knits stories together with matching threads of rhyme. She plants seeds to grow Children's imaginations and is watering the essence of childhood nostalgia around the globe.
Grab onto Sticks and Stripes ever-growing vine,
and join our Sticktivities in your spare time!
Brit has created a book to tell a story of a little girl on an audacious quest, and along the way meets forest friends that guide her not only to her desired destination, but also gives her wisdom and courage to go to a place within herself where self-reflection and morality reside.
Sticks and Stripes embody the integrity of a charity within ourself. We indulge in a belief that our children are our future, and our childhoods live within all of us adults, it is vital to nurture that spirit within us so we can cultivate a brighter future where imagination and artistic Sticktivities can be a way of life.
We donate this "Ingredients for Life" book to the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization.

Sticks and Stripes is an astral lifestyle- fusing Nature with Art 

"Whether creating books for the kids on the block, or designing whimsical frocks, I always make room for nature walks."~BC

Sticks~ Symbolizes Being One with Nature.
 Through all of its beautiful imperfections, Nature is the connection to seeing ones own reflection.

Stripes~ Are considered days. 
Each day we earn new "Stripes of Advice."

The 1st book will be released later this year.

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"Being connected to nature since birth- my favorite place to be, is in the Earth's dirt."- Brit Cardarelli